Terra Nullius

Murder investigation

knight's journal

The last few days I’ve been hired by Father Millen to investigate a number of murders. The man wanted that killing spree to end, and he wanted us to look into it, find out who or what was doing this and inform the necessary authorities about it.

Besides me there were a variety of other supernatural people involved, some of whom I’d met before. There’s the alchemist that had summoned a demon, the damphir, the white court vampire, the shapeshifter and the fomor.

It was obvious it was a supernatural killing. No mundane would use a flaming sword. That’s why Millen contacted us.

Now, it was quite an intriguing investigation, and it took our combined efforts to work it out.

In the end we found out that it all was set up by Lugus, a triune deity of celtic origin who’se power had been bound by the fey. He wanted to regain his power and therefore had those people killed. They all had a key as a family heirloom that allowed them to enter a vault and retrieve an artefact that would facilitate this.

So we passed on the intel, and some heavy hitters were sent to deal with this. We had the Summer Knight and Winter Knight there, and one of the sword bearers of the church. While they were dealing with the god we dealt with the minions. At some point I saw something trying to sneak out. It was one of the aspects of Lugus who tried to get away and fight another day. We dealt with it. Permanently.

The money I was promised I returned to father Millen. I saw that white court creature do the same. It’s not like I really need the cash, and it’s always good to have some goodwill.

If nothing else, this job allowed me to work and fight alongside some other creatures I have no experience with. It let me see some of their capabilities, which is good if I ever get to go up against one of them. I must say it’s left me dumbfounded a bit. I thought that with my deal with Oberon I’d become a pretty mean tough combat specialist. But now I realize just how wrong I was. I’ve seen firsthand that the fomor sushi chef and the shapeshifting student are a few steps higher in the food chain, and even with my years of training as a soldier I’d be hard pressed going up against them. So I’ll be looking at other angles to get an edge in such a fight from here on



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