Christine Vandenbosse


High Concept: Pack Alpha

Motivation: Become a true werewolf


- Wolf-skin jacket (beast change, claws, echoes of the beast, inhuman toughness, catch (wolfbane) )

- Incite emotion (lust)


- Leadership

- Hunter


Presence +4/ endurance +3 / Fists +2 / Survival +1 / Lore +1


Christine Vandenbosse can easily be mistaken for a hot dumb blonde 20-something girl from the suburbs. She likes to play that part too, if it is convenient. In truth however, she is the leader of the Skinwalkers in and around Leuven. She learned her survival skills from her father, but her natural leadership comes from her mother’s side of the family.

Christine wants to keep her people safe from harm and tries to keep the peace with the other supernatural factions. Mostly she just keeps away from them and urges her followers to do the same.

Christine loves the feeling of changing in to her wolf form and believes it is her destiny to become a true werewolf. She hopes to get rid of her dependancy of her jacket one day and spends most of her free time researching ways to accomplish her dream.


- She met Jan Baptist van Helmont while in college and although she has no alchemical talent, she sometimes goes to him for aid in one of her research projects.

Christine Vandenbosse

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