Druon Antigoon

Head of the Goblin Market


High Concept: Faery mob-boss

Motivation: Gather power

Powers: (among others)

- Demesne

- Unseelie magic

- Worldwalker

- Mythic strength

- Mythic toughness

- Mythic recovery


assume most at great level, Weapons, Deceit and most social skills at least at superb.


Druon Antigoon is a well known character from Flemish folklore.

Druon Antigoon is a powerfull wyldfae and head of the Goblin Market.

During the Sidhe Wars Druon signed on with the Winter Court and mostly fought the Fomorians. He established his base at what is now known as the port of Antwerp

When the Unseelie Accords were signed and Terra Nullius was created he left the service of Queen Mab and established himself as in independant Sidhe Lord.

Druon is not a typical fae. He has moved on with the times and considers himself to be a businesman. In reality he is more of a mobster. His brute squad consists of 9 mortals with magical clubs, his Market Guards.

Druon is practical and unrelenting. He can also be quite viscious when angered. The one thing he can not tolerate is a threat to his personal wealth or the trade on the Goblin market.


- Sells potions and drugs to Ivan Mlavic

- Has a cold war going on with KIng Oberon

Druon Antigoon

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