Father Millen


High Concept: Devout believer

Motivation: Protect the innocent


- Bless this House

- Righteousness


- Blessed words

- Counselor


Conviction +4 / Scholarship +3 / Empathy +2 / Lore +1


Father Millen is a priest at the St.-Peters Church. He uses the church as a safehouse for refugees in need of protection against the supernatural.

Father Millen is a grown man of 35 years old. He became aware of the truth of the supernatural world while studying to become a piest. He firmly believes it is the church’s task to protect the people against the monsters that prey on them.


-He recieves money and some minor magical items such as potions from Lucia Santos.

-He sometimes sends some information to Commissioner Verbruggen.

Father Millen

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