Ivan Mlavic


High Concept: Supernatural drug dealer

Motivation: Power and riches


Deceit +4/ Contacts +3/ Resources +2/ Rapport +1


Ivan Mlavic was born in the Ukraine during the USSR’s reign. He became a criminal to survive and found out he was good at it. When the wall fell he was one of the “made men” that got sent to europe to expand the organisation’s sphere of influence. He found out about the supernatural after coming in contact with the goblin market.

He severed his ties with Russia and started his own moderate syndicate a few years ago. His organisation is still young and growing. He deals drugs and has a hand in the prostitution in and around Leuven. He buys and sells supernatural drugs and potions through the goblin market and his club ’the Silo" in Leuven.


- Druon Antigoon is a business-partner

Ivan Mlavic

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