Jan Baptist van Helmont

Leader of the Alchemist's Guild


High Concept: Master Alchemist

Motivation: Keep stability in the region


- Thaumaturgy

- Refinement x5

- The sight

- Wizard’s constitution

- Channeling (air)


Lore +5/ discipline +4/ Conviction +4/ Scholarship +4/ Presence +2/ Endurance +2/ contacts +3


Jan Baptist van Helmont’s official history is well known and documented .

jan was both a chemist and an alchemist.

In truth Jan did not die but discovered the secret to prolonged life. He faked his own death and withdrew from the public eye. Together with his apprentices he formed the Alchemist’s Guild. He used the university of leuven as a cover.


- He has fallen in love with Christine Vandenbosse whom he is helping to transform in to a true werewolf.

Jan Baptist van Helmont

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