KIng Oberon

King of a neutral faerie court


High Concept: Faery king

Motivation: Expand his domain

Powers: (among others)

- Demesne

- Greater Glamours

- Seelie magic

- Worldwalker

- Mythic toughness

- Mythic recovery


assume most at great level, Deceit and most social skills at least at superb.


King Oberon is a well known character in literature and legend.

In truth Oberon is a powerfull wyldfae. During the Sidhe Wars he signed on with the Summer Court. He mostly fought the fomorians.

When the Unseelie Accords were signed and Terra Nullius was created he left the service of the summer court and claimed his own territory.

Oberon is a traditional Fae Lord. He has created a court similar to the great winter and summer courts. He also created his own mortal Knight by giving him the powerfull blade Hrotti.

Oberon is patient and wise, but can be stubborn and set in his ways. Changing his mind in nearly impossible.


- Has a cold war going on with Druon Antigoon

KIng Oberon

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