Lucia Santos


High Concept: Alchemist Groundskeeper

Motivation: Undo Terra Nullius


- Ritual (Alchemy)

- The Sight


- Ear to the ground


Lore +4 / Discipline +3 / Contacts +2 / Deceit +1


Lucia Santos was a phd student from Mexico who came to belgium to study at the KUL. She discovered her powers there and was trained by Jan Baptist van Helmont.

In Mexico she lived in a village under the control of a drug baron. Her village was often used as a warzone by the various gangs and even the police and the military. She learned to hate the violence and war. She is the keeper of the “Studios”, accorded Neutral Ground, and wants nothing more than to establish lasting peace in Belgium.


-She donates money and some minor magical items such as potions to Father Millen

-She learned the ropes from Jan Baptists van Helmont

Lucia Santos

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