Nicolae Emiliae

Black Court Count


Nicolae was once a very typical and traditional vampire.

He was born and raised in Romania, several centuries ago. He was made a black court vampire at the age of 32.

Following the publishing of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, suggested to be authored by the White Court as a how-to manual for exterminating Black Court vampires, the majority of the Black Court were wiped out, resulting in the remaining vampires being only the smartest and most dangerous. Nicolae was one of them.

Nicolae survived by fleeing Romania and leaving behind the other black court vampires. He fled with a group of Roma gypsies that worship him as a dark god. Somewhere along his travels he discovered a way to create Dhampirs, half-vampires. Nicolae has given up on the black court and now wants to create a new court out of his own prodgeny, with himself as their leader.

Nicolae is a powerfull vampire count. He has all the typical vampire abilities and is a master of necromancy.

Nicolae has become a subtle and patient man. He is distant and considers emotions to be signs of weakness. He is loyal to his own followers, although he knows when to make sacrifices. He mostly operates from the shadows and does not like to draw attention to himself or his plans.

Nicolae Emiliae

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