William Verbruggen


High Concept: Protector of mortals

Motivation: remove all supernatural influences from Belgium


- I know just the guy

- Honest Lies

- Unshakeable

- Interrogator


Endurance +2/ Discipline +4/ Conviction +3/ Alerntess +3/ Presence +3/ Guns +3/ Contacts +5 / Deceit +2


William Verbruggen was once a normal cop from antwerp. This all changed when he stopped a robbery near the Goblin market. The robber, a goblin himself, vowed vengeance against William and followed him home. There he stole his infant son and replaced the baby with a doll.

William never found his son, but he did find out the truth about the world.

William became determined to fight for mortalkind against the things that go bump in the night. He managed to convince enough high ranking officials to start INSIDER, a black-ops organisation with the goal of researching supernaturals and dealing with any sort of supernaturtal threat.

Although officially INSIDER is a joke, unofficially it is one of the best funded police task forces in Belgium. They have a secret base beneath the new hall of justice in Antwerp.


- Father Millen sometimes gives him information

William Verbruggen

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