Theme: Battlescarred No-mans Lands


The history of Belgium is filled with war and conflict. The country of Belgium was established in 1830 when the southern part of the Netherlands seceded. The secession and formation of Belgium was allowed by its neighbouring countries France, Germany and Great Britton because they liked the idea of having a buffer state in case of war. In both the first and the Second World War Belgium became the primary battleground for these warring nations.


Even before the formation of Belgium the territory was often used as a battleground by the countries of Europe. France fought wars against England, the Netherlands, Hungary and the Prussians here and even Spain fought the Netherlands on what would one day become Belgian soil.

As far back as the roman era wars have been recorded in this territory with Caesar fighting the Belgae and some Germanic tribes that had crossed the Rhine.
Across history Belgium has been a no-man’s land, the front line, in the wars on the European continent.


It will come as no surprise that the country has the same status and history among the supernatural factions. For centuries the territory was used as a battleground in the war between the summer and winter court and the cold war between the vampires and the white council. With the creation of the Unseelie Accords the land was granted the status of Terra Nullius. No signatory of the Unseelie Accords could claim the territory as his own and no consequences would follow a battle or fight between the signatories while on Terra Nullius. Because of this, the major factions do not have a permanent base of operations in Belgium and their agents seldom linger here, in fear of getting drawn in to a fight with their enemies.

In their absence a number of smaller factions have taken advantage of the power vacuum and have claimed part of Belgium as their own.


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