Character creation

All characters start at the “Up to Your Waist” power level. This gives them:

- a starting refresh of 7;

- 25 skill point;

- a maximum skill rank of Great.

Each character can take a template with a refresh cost of maximum -3. All of the Templates on this site have a refresh of -2, allowing the characters to take one of the available options.

The following templates from the book “Your Story” are also allowed:

- Pure Mortal

- Changeling

- Emissary of Power

- Focused practitioner

- Minor Talent

- True believer

- Were-form

- White court virgin

Just remember the maximum -3 refresh rule

Each character has to have at least 2 refresh points left for play. This means that they can take up to 5 refresh points in powers and stunts combined (with the exception of the pure mortal who can take up to 7 stunts because of the +2 refresh bonus).


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