Alain Dubois

Knight of Oberon



High Concept: Knight of Oberon

Trouble: My ex is dead and she wants me dead too.

- Trouble always seems to find me.

- After rain, sunshine, usually.

- The bigger they are, the harder I hit.

- The right man at the right time.

- It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.


Alain was not born with that name. His original name however no longer matters. he earned a new one.

He was born in Genk and seemed destined for misery. A bad childhood, bad jobs and often unemployed, early marriage that ended badly in a divorce.
Eventually he had the epiphany to join the French Foreign Legion. He used his last savings for a trip to Marseille and enlisted. It gave him job security for years if he managed to make it through preliminary testing, he had a new name and would be free of alimony and he’d have a chance to vent his pent up rage.

When he served his time he took the opportunity of an honorable discharge and returned to Belgium to think on his new options. One night after going out for some drinks in Hasselt he witnessed what looked like a bad mobbing he reacted without thinking. He grabbed an iron bar and started swinging. However, he got mixed in a battle between fae: Oberon and some guards against some rival faction. Two other humans got mixed up in this as well.

This event changed his destiny. King Oberon offered him the opportunity to become his knight.

Alain Dubois

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