Smaragda Papoudopolis


Hight Concept: Wicca History Student

Trouble: Still an apprentice


-Chasing my dreams

- Make a move

- A demon knows my face

- You wouldn’t like me when I’m scared

- Light in darkness


- Evocation:

  • Elements: fire, air, spirit/force
  • specialisation: spirit force
  • Focus items: Pentagram necklace (offensive power) / Ring (defensive control)


- Corner of my eye

- Finely tuned third eye.

Refresh: 2


Smaragda grew up in Greece with her loving and supporting family. Although the family was poor they tried hard to give her all she needed. Smaragda worked hard and managed to get a scholarship to study abroad at the University in Leuven.

Her interests in occult lore and wicca practices have awakened her latent magical potential which she is only now beginning to discover .

Smaragda Papoudopolis

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